“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”
-Marcus Garvey

“Island blessed by the sun, here I come here I come, donde my roots are from”
-The Reverend Pedro Pietri, “the Spanglish National Anthem” 

We leave her for other lands. The colonizer teaches us that she is uninhabitable, undesirable, condemned.  For over a century we have left, crossing waters. We have written poems and songs about this lament, leaving her shores. Our grandparents, parents, us, vowed to return, but haven’t.

“Y de tanto trabajar se quedó sin regresar; Reventó en un taller”
-Juan Antonio Corretjer

“Tengo hambre de libertad. Si me muero no quiero que este trágico país se trague mis huesos. Necesitan el calor de Borinquen, por lo menos para fortalecer los gusanos de allá, no los de acá.”
-Julia de Burgos

Some of us will
Some of us do
Some of us already have

Our hearts return
Our minds return
Our spirits were always in the islands of our ancestors

We carry out this zombified existence where our bodies walk spiritless
As we decolonize our hearts and minds our bodies follow suit, longing to break free
The road to repatriation is spirit work that begins in the mind
It is overturning the tainted teachings of colonialism
It is setting out on the road to undoing self-doubt, self-loathe
It is doing away with all they’ve told us so that we listen to the land herself
Allow her to nurture and sustain us
It is a violent, bloody, painful rebirth we must undergo
With nothing beautiful, comforting promised
Just liberation for the taking

May 15, 2018
exactly 4 years repatriated

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