Julia de Burgos and Puerto Rican flag by Yasmin Hernandez Art

Rematriating Borikén is a multidisciplinary project centering the journeys of those who have left the states to return to our ancestral lands. We reclaim the motherland from a colonialism that works to render it uninhabitable to its people. Recording our own stories, telling our own truth, rematriation is a liberatory act, reclaiming our authentic, ancestral ways.

Rematriating Borikén:

-Uncrossing el charco
Reversing the migration
-Visibilizing our journeys
-Demystifying rematriation 
-Documenting decolonial narratives
-Reclaiming our ancestral connection and bloodlines….
-Centering healing, love, joy, integrity, sustainability, holistic liberation
-Fostering community and support through rematriation