“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”
-Marcus Garvey

Yasmín Hernández on her Rematriation journey.
Luis Martin’s
Studio Confessions

Hilda Lloréns mentions Rematriating Borikén in this brilliant and necessary book- Making Livable Worlds: Afro-Puerto Rican Women Building Environmental Justice, The University of Washington Press. Thank you for contextualizing this journey home within the Indigenous and African Diasporic efforts to decolonize, to liberate and return to our land and essence. About the book: “… Afro–Puerto Rican women have drawn from their cultural knowledge to engage in daily improvisations that enable their communities to survive and thrive. Their life-affirming practices, developed and passed down through generations, offer powerful modes of resistance to gendered and racialized exploitation, ecological ruination, and deepening capitalist extraction.” Order online at uwapress.uw.edu/book/9780295749402/making-livable-worlds/

Rematriation Magazine

Honoring the people of Turtle Island, leading Rematriation movements and dialogues, “Returning the Sacred to the Mother”. Rematriation is the home of Rematriation Magazine and, most importantly, a community of Haudenosaunee and Indigenous women choosing to heal together. 
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