“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”
-Marcus Garvey

UNLEARN- Colonial miseducation that has us fearing our homeland and our own selves. 

RELEARN– Our history, essence, ancestral wisdom & ways of our land, natural environment & the cosmos. 

Machete y Garabato es un grupo/taller que es parte de un proceso jíbaro-campesino-boricua en su búsqueda de alternativas de auto-suficiencia y autonomía alimentaria para Puerto Rico, mediante una cultura de trabajo agro-ecológico (sin químicos, sin agro-tóxicos y con energía sostenible). 

Remembering Don Pedro is an online resource on the life and work of the legendary liberationist, in English for Boricuas raised in the Diaspora that are English-dominant.

CEPA designs and facilitates encounters rooted in practices to heal accumulated trauma from our being. It’s part of a movement of people working to transform their relationships and everyday life to co-create freedom, centering all marginalized peoples especially Puerto Rican women, gender nonconforming, trans, queer folx. To manifest a just future, we honor the wisdom of the earth and of our ancestors as we work to heal.